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Cajun Boil and Bar

Chicago, IL

Get down and dirty.

Get down and dirty.

Our unassuming eateries serves up incredibly fresh Cajun seafood boils and classic southern comfort food in a hip atmosphere. With ole’ skool tunes playing and crabs cracking, mimosas flowing during Sunday brunches, our hotspot makes their mark in the communities we serve.

Cajun has a Louisiana-inspired menu that is built around shared dishes, culinary treats, and bar favorites that force you to use your bare hands and savor our sauces (it's all about the sauce!). Guests should be prepared to #getdownanddirty and have some fun!

We want you to come hang out for a while in front of one our many TV's and dig into FLAVORFUL, MOUTH-WATERING food. The space is fun, comfortable, family-friendly - perfect for date nights through large group celebrations.